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            What are the benefits of the sun board in construction?


            What are the benefits of Sunshine Board in construction? At  the beginning of the Sunshine Board project, the quality is very  important. If you choose the good quality, this requires the necessary  skills.
            The  first one is to see if it is a normal PC solar panel manufacturer. When  looking at the price, first of all, we will distinguish it from the  price of the solar panel. The natural cost is good, and the low cost of blowing you is a fake.
            The  second, this point is the most unsatisfactory evaluation, that is, the  weathering function of the PC board, although the anti-UV co-extruded  layer is good, it is difficult to defend the naked eye.
            Third,  tear off the protective film to see the purity of the PC sheet,  although this is not completely, but a little can be sure is a good  board.
            At  present, the steel structure is adopted on the foundation of the  high-rise building. What advantages does the PC solar construction  project have? Why do the vast people use steel construction?
            1.  Well-being: dry work construction adds preservation materials to the  purification of the scene formation Hengyu steel construction materials  can receive 100% of the other supporting materials can also receive the  most suitable for the current environmental protection;
            2.  Earthquake resistance: Most of the roofs of low-rise villas are slope  roofs. The roofing structure is made of cold-formed steel members. The  triangular roof truss system light steel components form a very good  structure after sealing the structural plates and plasterboard. It  is a firm structure of the "slab rib structure system" that has  stronger seismic resistance and the ability to withstand horizontal  loads. It is suitable for areas with a seismic intensity of 8 degrees or  more.
            3.  Durability: The first part of the light steel structure chamber adopts  the cold-formed thin-walled steel component system to form the steel  bone. The super-preservative high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet  is used to avoid the influence of corrosion of the steel plate during  construction and use. Light steel components are added. Service life. The construction life can reach 100 years. Energy-saving: All energy-efficient wall insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation can reach 50% energy-saving scale.
            4,  sound insulation: the sound insulation is the first priority of the  evaluation room. The windows installed in the light steel system are all  insulated with insulating glass. The sound insulation is 40 decibels or  more; the wall made of light steel keel and thermal insulation gypsum  board has sound insulation. 60 decibels

            5.  Insulation: The thermal insulation materials used are mainly made of  glass wool, which has outstanding thermal insulation consequences. The  use of external wall insulation panels to avoid the "cold bridge"  phenomenon of the wall has reached a better insulation effect. The thermal resistance of the 100mm thick R15 insulation cotton can be equivalent to a 1m thick brick wall.

            6,  warmth: light steel wall adopts high-efficiency energy-saving system  with breathing function to dispatch indoor atmosphere dry humidity; roof  with air-permeable function can make the interior of the house  constitute a flowing atmosphere to ensure the ventilation and heat  dissipation requirements inside the roof.

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