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            The life of the sun board and the season it is widely used


            How long does the life of the solar panel last? The  Sunshine Board on the market now has a three-year warranty, a five-year  warranty, and a ten-year warranty. The highest is the 10-year warranty,  which is PC material. Many  people choose long-lasting life when they choose the sun-resistant  board. First of all, they must ensure that the sun-proof surface has  anti-UV co-extruded coating. According to the conventional ultraviolet  radiation in the sun, the loss will be 5μ, so many sun panels on the  market are claimed. It  has been guaranteed for ten years, but the plates that can really be  used for ten years are generally high-quality plates of every  manufacturer. Therefore, when choosing plates, do not blindly compare  the price of sun panels. The key is to see the price/performance ratio. First understand your local market brand and warranty conditions before comparing purchases. Only products that are suitable for the local market can have good sales in the local area.
            No  matter how good things are, maintenance and maintenance are required to  maintain and extend its service life. Sunshine boards are no exception.  Sometimes they are used for too long, or they are used regularly in  harsh environments. For maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning  can better make PC boards perform their good performance, maintenance  can make them better to maintain and extend the life cycle. However,  when maintaining the PC sun board, we need to understand some basic  cleaning knowledge and issues that need attention during the cleaning  process.
            The  first thing to notice is that the temperature of the water is generally  controlled below 60 degrees, preferably with about 40 degrees. The temperature is too low to maximize the effect of cleaning. Secondly,  it is prudent to choose detergents. You can't choose detergents with  erosive effect. You should choose a more neutral detergent. The  cleaning tools should also be particularly careful. You should not use  hard tools such as brushes, rags, and mops. Instead, use a soft sponge  or a soft cloth with a detergent to gently wipe them. After the dirt is  removed, clean it with water. .
            Finally, wipe the water stain on the washed PC sun board with a clean soft cloth. Sunlight greenhouses with lower cost are generally used by flower producers. However,  due to the low temperature and soil temperature in the winter shed, the  greenhouse is closed for a long time, and the management is not good.  It is easy to occur in different degrees of freezing, wetting, wind, gas  and disease. The cause of flower death should be avoided.

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