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            Sunshine board and endurance board production process


            When  all the necessary parameters for the solar panel and the endurance  board production have been set, the start-up operation can be performed,  but at this time, it is recommended to check again if everything is  correct, for example, if all temperatures have reached the expected set  values, Have you forgotten something during the setup and preparation process? It takes more than a few minutes for these inspections to be more effective than stopping after the start-up. It  is also recommended to check the position of the sizing device against  the sun stencil struts, and the position of the sizing device is  slightly lower than the position of the struts.

            After the final inspection is completed, the discharge can be discharged and the filter can be replaced. This  is done to remove the polycarbonate residue from the last drive in the  screw and mold. These polycarbonate residues for solar panels and  endurance panels have been fully softened during the heating phase. When  discharging, the mold needs to be covered with a cover. At this time,  the melt pump is started to make the rotation speed 5 - lOr / min, until  the extruder finishes the accumulation. It is absolutely forbidden to start the extruder before starting the melt pump. After  the melt pump has been started for a few minutes, the extruder can be  started at a speed equal to half the melt pump speed. After a few minutes, the extrusion screw can be fed to the gravity metering system into the production line.

            The start-up operation is always carried out in the following order: melt pump, extruder, gravity mixing metering device.

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