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            Endurance board device method and precautions


            Endurance board device method and precautions

            The device method and precautions of the endurance board are explained as follows:

            1  PC board device contact, when installing the PC board, the maintenance  film on the edge of the PC board should be picked up about 10cm to make  the neutral sealant and PC board adhere to achieve better waterproof  effect.

            2 To prevent thermal expansion and  contraction, at least 10 mm of telescopic clearance should be reserved  at the joint between the two plates (within 2M span). For example, the space reserved for the device with a large span depends on the thermal expansion coefficient of the PC board.

            3 After the PC board is installed, peel off the surface (double-sided) maintenance film within one week.

            4  If you need to punch holes directly on the PC board, the general hole  diameter must be greater than the bolt diameter of 50%. Use bolts with  head larger than the hole diameter and add waterproof pad.

            5 The bolts should not be too tight when the device is installed, otherwise it will cause the PC board to burst and waterproof.

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