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            How is the performance of the endurance board?


            In today's  industrial enterprises, the production environment in many places is not  very good, so in order to ensure the quality of the products, many  times, the filtering device is used, and the endurance board is the most  common one, for endurance. For the board, we usually use  it frequently during construction, because such materials have good  performance characteristics, so we will be more convenient when using  it. First of all, we must have certain heat resistance, we must ensure At  high temperatures, it can also be used normally. Secondly, it must be  easily separated for dust impurities. The dimensional stability is good.  The glass fiber itself does not shrink at the standard temperature. The  most important thing is to have certain corrosion resistance. Because  in the industry, there are often many processing materials when  processing, some are acidic and some are alkaline, so the corrosion  resistance of the endurance board must be strong, because the brass  plate has these characteristics, our industrial Development will get better and better.

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