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            Precautions for storage, transportation and use of PC wave tiles


            It is forbidden to contact the surface of the unused cement and the surface of acid and alkaline substances.

            It is forbidden to contact with organic solvents and glues and paints composed of them.

            The frame should be clean and the surface of the groove should be flat. The  dust and dirt on the surface of the PC board are generally wiped with a  soft cloth or a sponge dampened with a neutral detergent, and then  thoroughly rinsed with water.

            Choose the correct sheet thickness and allowable radius of curvature.

            The mounting screws must be pre-drilled and the hole diameter is 1.5 times the diameter of the screw. Too tight a screw can cause stress.

            Reserve space and pay attention to the embedded depth. Expansion  value = linear expansion coefficient × length × maximum temperature  change value (linear expansion coefficient of PC board 7 × 10 -5 mm / mm  / ° C)

            PVC materials should not be used with neutral glass glue and suitable gaskets.

            Power  tools (tungsten carbide saw blades) must be used for cutting; the  plates should be fixed to avoid vibration when carrying the body; do not  tear the protective film when cutting.

            If  marking is required before cutting, mark it on the protective film as  much as possible. If it must be marked directly on the board, use a  crayon. Avoid using sharp tool marks.

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